Tips for Maintaining Credit Card Security

Having a credit card will sometimes make us feel easy in doing transactions. This super card has become an alternative for us to do all kinds of needs. From monthly needs to secondary needs such as shopping, hanging out with friends and others in part. All can be covered and done by this card. But do we understand how to keep this card safe?

Credit cards have a variety of different types of crime to use as an illegitimate payment instrument, in other words someone has stolen our card data and broke into. Usually the mode of theft is under the guise of filing a KTA Online and can also use the data copying tool used by the perpetrator on the swipe tool used as a credit card payment.

Many modes are used by perpetrators to commit credit card crimes. This is where our role as cardholders must be able to carefully supervise and be alert so as not to become victims. We must be able to recognize the mode that is often used by actors. We also have to know how to use security systems and security systems in using credit cards. If we are not careful, we will be harmed by credit card crime. Some of the following are precautions so that we avoid credit card crime.


Maintain the Confidentiality of Personal Identity

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For credit card holders holding the confidentiality of the card is a very personal and confidential matter. The occurrence of credit card crimes is due to the spread of the cardholder’s identity. The spread of this identity varies. It can be from buying and selling data on the internet market by hackers or it can also be used by the perpetrators by entering additional tools in the card swiping tool that is commonly used to conduct credit card transactions.


Use the PIN in the Transaction

Using signatures in transactions is a vulnerable thing. Many criminals falsify the identity of the perpetrators in the form of a signature after successfully retrieving data from the card holder or victim. Until now the safest thing to use is to use a PIN code. This secret personal identification code is considered the safest, because there are thousands of number opportunities that can be used by the perpetrators and this will take a lot of effort and time.


Activate Transaction Report

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Enabling automatic notifications every time a transaction is done. With this notification, of course we will be notified of each card we make a transaction and if we do not feel it, then we can immediately report this to the card issuing bank.


Don’t Get Your Credit Card Out of Your Eyes

Save and keep credit cards well, don’t let your credit cards change hands carelessly. Besides watching carefully every transaction we do in restaurants, shopping and other places. Skimming mode although it is a bit rarely used but also we must still be aware of.

Skimming is data theft through a credit card payment machine. Usually this will be done by the perpetrators by swiping our cards more than twice or more. Therefore be careful. Remember and record when we last transacted or keep proof of payment as proof that we have transacted somewhere, otherwise we can make preventive action.


Report directly to the issuer if a loss occurs

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Save the customer care number or card number of the issuing bank. This is very necessary because if we experience a loss on our card then immediately contact the issuing bank and let us know that our credit card has been lost. Block it via telephone so the card will not be used by the offender.

By blocking it immediately, we can minimize the risk of misuse of cards that we have. So from saving important numbers that exist in the card issuing bank, because at any time bad things happen we will be able to anticipate it.


Always Be Careful and Be Wary

Being a credit card holder is not easy as imagined besides we have to maintain the security of the card we also have to be able to maintain the use of the card against ourselves. The credit card fraud mode is now increasingly sophisticated and diverse, so always increase your vigilance as a credit card holder for every transaction that will be done with a credit card.

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