HR allocation

There are over 50 full time R&D personnel in Gushine Headquarters in Zhuhai, Shenzhen and the USA, most of whom have 8 to 10 years of working experience in lithium battery industry. The R & D team has the abilities of software design, hardware design, structure design, product testing, etc. They can quickly provide customers with professional and in-depth customized power management solutions.

Technical capability

● Structure design of IPX7 and IPX8 waterproof batteries.

● La, LB, ATEX、IECEx and other coal safety, intrinsically safe explosion-proof battery design

● The low temperature battery can discharge more than 70% at - 40 ℃

● With the battery life platform software, we can remote monitor the battery life and achieve seamless docking with end customers.

Hardware facilities

According to IEC62133, UL2054, UN38.3 and other standards, the Test Center has established a fully functional reliability laboratory.
Ensure high quality products to meet the needs of industry customers.

● High temperature test ● Smoke test ● Waterproof test ● Extrusion test ● Prick test


Battery Management System (BMS) is the link between batteries and the users, which can improve the utilization of the battery and prevent the battery from overcharging and over discharging.

Major function

● Accurate estimation of SOC  ● Fault diagnosis  ● Balance control between batteries

● Real time tracking battery operation status and parameter inspection  ● Charge and discharge control

● Support USB communication and can bus communication


Quality Policy

Quality Policy: Continuously improve product quality and ensure zero defects to make our customers more satisfied.
Quality Management Systems: ISO9001, ISO14001
Product Certifications: FCC,CE,UL,CQC,PSE,UN38.3 etc.
Product environmental protection: Green environmental protection standards of RoHS and REACH.

MES System

MES System

The company has introduced MES System and information management bulletin board system, through which  the supplier’s incoming batch number, inspection information, assembly information, delivery information, etc. can be traced according to the finished product delivery barcode. The system can immediately update the product pass through rate, production progress, work order material preparation, maintenance product analysis, etc., so that all department personnel can grasp the comprehensive production information in real time.

● Cell batch  ● Incoming inspection report  ● Picking date  ● Production date

Automatic Cell Screening and Pairing

Automatic Cell Screening and Pairing

In order to better detect the voltage value and resistance value of the battery in different periods, so as to better manage the quality of the battery, the company introduced the battery automatic matching system. We have designed a scheme that allows the measurement of voltage and resistance twice to calculate the decay rate of the battery so that the accuracy of the measurement can be ensured.

Items That Should Be Tested

● Voltage   ● AC internal resistance   ● Chemical internal resistance


With many years of production experience, Guxin electronics is committed to providing high-end customers with one-stop services such as R & D, production, procurement and logistics. Its products cover professional wireless communication, industrial data acquisition, portable medical equipment, base station and energy storage system. Through many years of production, it has accumulated rich experience.

The advanced equipment can meet a variety of needs

● Functional modularization / Device Standardization
● Automation of key station, process test, tools and equipment
● Timely and appropriate production to realize production process and informatization
● Multi functional workers with multi process and multi post operation ability
● Rapid production preparation and quick line change

Items That Should Be Tested

● Appearance  ● Size  ● Code reading  ● Capacity  ● Voltage  ● Voltage difference  ● Charge and discharge  ● Over current protection  ● Internal resistance of charging   ● Internal resistance of discharge  ● Thermistor  ● Drop Test  ● Waterproof test  ● Salt spray test  ● Tensile test

PACK Capability

Gushine is committed to providing one-stop services including high-end customers with R&D, production, procurement and logistics with its years of production experience. Its products cover professional wireless communication, industrial data acquisition, portable medical equipment, base station and energy storage system. Gushine has rich experience with its years of production. Especially in waterproof and explosion-proof battery, it has IPX8 production capacity.

Non-standard Equipment Development Capability

The company has professional process engineers. They can develop and design special production and testing fixtures according to the needs of production and testing to improve production efficiency and ensure product quality.

● Automatic spot welding   ● Automatic gluing   ● Automatic tin soldering   ● Automatic testing


Gushine has dozens of patents, including the important patents in key fields such as advanced battery management system and metering design and it continues to obtain new patents every year. The applications of the patented technologies have greatly improved the performance and safety of the battery and the company has won a good reputation for them in the market. Gushine has established a patent incentive system. The company invests a lot of money in research and development and encourages technical personnel to develop and apply for more patents to improve the company’s technology.
Patent for invention
Utility model patent certificate
Patent for invention
Utility model patent certificate
Utility model patent certificate
Utility model patent certificate
Public certificate
Public certificate

Supply Chain

Import and Export Services

Gushine has independent product import and export business rights, professional import and export logistics departments and perfect management system, and has many professional logistics engineers and customs declarers. The company makes use of the perfect logistics distribution network to realize the direct delivery of goods to global customers and meet the needs of local customers more quickly through cooperation with DHL, UPS, FedEx and other international logistics companies.

Purchasing Capacity

■ Gushine can provide end-to-end services in R&D support, sourcing, business negotiation, purchasing execution and import and export with its professional purchasing team. The company can provide customers with efficient procurement services.

■ Gushine has domestic and international resources of famous brand suppliers. It has established strategic cooperation with core components suppliers like Panasonic, Maxell and TI.

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