Medical Treatment

Leading Equipment

Many of the world's leading medical original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and contract manufacturers have cooperated with Gushine. Over the years, we have maintained a good record of providing safe and highly reliable batteries for healthcare and other mission critical businesses. We design and test the various batteries according to the most stringent medical industry standards and obtain certifications and ensure that they comply with UL2054, UL13485 and UL60601. DHF and DHR are approved by FDA.

Application area

  • Oxygen generator

  • B ultrasonic machine

  • Cardiac pacemaker

  • Ventilator

  • Monitor

  • Blood glucose meter

  • Infusion pump

Product Design Conformity

Safety lithium battery standard UL2054.

Medical Device Quality Management System UL13485.

Medical Electrical Equipment Standard UL60601.

Design History Files (DHF); 

Device history records (DHR) is approved by FDA.

Product features

  • ● High energy density
  • ● Small size
  • ● Portable
  • ● Long service life
  • ● Good battery capacity retention
  • ● Wide working temperature range