Base Station

Advanced Technology

With advanced technology of control circuits and smart battery and the rugged construction to withstand extreme environments, Gushine’s customized battery packs meet the most challenging requirements of stand-by or stand-alone power supplies. The company provides customers with products with high energy density and low internal resistance to achieve high discharge performance. The operating temperature ranges from -40 ℃to 85 ℃, which is suitable for all kinds of global climate. The natural life is up to 10 years during which they do not need to be replaced. The end of life indicator is built into each smart battery. The self discharge rate of the products is low. With our flexible and innovative engineering, testing and manufacturing capabilities, our smart grid battery solutions can easily meet the challenges of any power supply.

Application area

  • Access equipment

  • Mobile communication equipment

  • Transmission equipment

  • Satellite ground station

  • Portable base station

  • Relay station

Product Design Conformity

● 10.8V/30Ah

● 24V/30Ah

● 24V/100Ah

● 48V/10Ah

● 48V/50Ah

● 48V/100Ah

Product features

  • ● Standardization
  • ● Integration
  • ● Miniaturization
  • ● Portability