Talent Development

Respect value   people oriented   give full scope to the talents  

  • Talent is the soul of an enterprise. Our company regards talents as the greatest wealth and the foundation of entrepreneurship, competition and development.
  • Our company provides employees with a broad stage and a broad space to display their talents. We manage to discover, cultivate, respect and promote the development of talents.
  • We pay attention to the introduction and re-training of talents and provide them with comprehensive technical training and business training so as to enhance the practical operation ability of employees at all levels. We strive to give full play to the value of talents.
  • We have a young and highly educated staff, a harmonious and diligent working atmosphere and a team spirit of common development.
Salary And Benefits

Respect achievements   People first   People do their best  

  • Our company implements the system of working eight hours a day and five days a week.
  • The company will purchase social insurance for employees immediately they enter the company. Employees have the right to take paid leave, and they take leave on national legal holidays.
  • The company regularly holds happy meetings, provides holiday benefits, dinner, tourism and regular physical examination for employees.
  • The company offers competitive compensation and training opportunities. The company has a perfect promotion mechanism.

Work Environment

  • Office Space

    The office is on F10, Building 9, No.1 Pingdong 6th Road, Nanping Science Park, Zhuhai, Guangdong.
  • Workshop Environment

    Production plant is at No.28, Pingbei 1st Road, Nanping Science Park, Zhuhai, Guangdong. Meeting Rooms.
  • Meeting Rooms

    The company provides some spacious and bright meeting rooms for employees to have discussions.

Staff Style

Recreational and Sports Activities

Always pursue physical health.
  • Annual Party

    Spread the the company’s core concept, promote the corporate culture, enrich the cultural life of employees, show the company’s style and provide more platforms for employees to show their talents.
  • Point System Management

    The company manages all employees with the point system in order to break the average distribution and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees.
  • Outward Bound

    The company carries out outward bound to strengthen psychological quality, stimulate team spirit and enhance team cohesion.
  • Company Trips

    The company organizes trips to relax employees.